National Homelessness Research Network

The National Homelessness Research Network is a unique venture to develop the quality of homelessness research and its application to policy and practice.

The Network exists to deliver high quality research on the fundamental issues and challenges associated with homelessness. This evidence-base will underpin constructive engagement, improve policy and practice, and produce better outcomes for the community.

The Network is supported through the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI).


The National Homelessness Research Network was created in December 2009 in response to the need for national (and increasingly international) collaboration between homelessness researchers and the policy and practice communities. The idea of a Network was initiated in response to a demonstrable need for an independent research broker, such as AHURI Limited, to help coordinate the disparate activities of a homelessness research network, to build on existing research and to facilitate the peer-to-peer critique of the evidence-base and the transfer of research knowledge into policy development and practice.

Homelessness Research Conference 2012