Housing policy issues

In-depth AHURI analysis on selected key policy issues

AHURI's policy issue narratives provide a summary and analysis of select policy issues for those engaged with policy development or delivery, in both government and the practice community.

Each narrative frames the policy issue, identifies the context it occurs in and presents potential policy options, as well as providing key research findings and international perspectives.

Increasing affordable rental supply

AHURI policy issue

Understand how governments might build capacity in the affordable housing industry to substantially improve housing outcomes for low income households.

Institutional investment

AHURI policy issue

In line with the Australian Government's Affordable Housing Working Group, what policy options could encourage large scale institutional investors to invest in the social housing sector.

Welfare reform and consumer choice

AHURI policy issue

Explore the impacts of Government welfare reform initiatives to promote consumer choice for people on benefits and low incomes in the context of shortages of public housing and affordable rental accommodation.

Urban productivity growth

AHURI policy issue

Explore the effects of housing on urban productivity growth, which may be enhanced when householders have stable tenure of affordable housing that is of good physical quality, close to jobs and in socially mixed neighbourhoods.