Do housing conditions impact on health inequalities between Australia's rich and poor?


Public and private renters are more likely than home owners to report fair or poor health. The direction of causality is not understood and it is unclear whether renting makes people unwell or if sick people are more likely to be renting. There is a need to learn more about the causes and effects on health for people living in rented accommodation. This could help policy makers decide if the style, security or type of accommodation should be changed and whether more preventative medicine and lifestyle education should be directed at renters.

Project Number: 30002
Research Theme(s): Social wellbeing
Project Leader: Waters, Anne-Marie
Funding Year: 2000
Research Centre: RMIT-NATSEM


There is some overseas evidence that housing conditions affect health status. NATSEM has recently completed an extensive study of the links between health and income, using the National Health Surveys. This project aimed to extend that work by examining links between housing and health, holding income and other explanatory characteristics constant. (Previously Project 10002)