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No. 225: Disadvantaged places in urban Australia: analysing socio-economic diversity and housing market performance

This is the second Final Report of the Multi-year research project Addressing concentrations of disadvantage, which provides a detailed empirical account of the geography of disadvantage in Australia’s three largest cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) through the development and deployment of a new Australian typology of disadvantaged suburbs.

Project name Addressing spatial concentrations of social disadvantage
ISBN / ISSN 978-1-922075-58-1
File Details 3 MB PDF Document
Final Report Fri 18 Jul 2014 Kath Hulse, Hal Pawson, Margaret Reynolds, Shanaka Herath
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No. 224: Refugees, housing, and neighbourhoods in Australia

This study investigated the housing and broader neighbourhood and social inclusion experiences of refugees in Australia.

Project name Refugees, housing and social inclusion in Australia
ISBN / ISSN 978-1-922075-57-4
File Details 2.3 MB PDF Document
Final Report Fri 11 Jul 2014 Paul Flatau, Val Colic-Peisker, Alicia Bauskis, Paul Maginn, Petra Buergelt
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No. 223: Progressing tenancy management reform on remote Indigenous communities

This project is positioned in the context of reforms to remote Indigenous housing that aim to improve housing conditions and expand housing options.

Project name New and emerging models of tenancy management in remote Indigenous communities (Investigative Panel)
ISBN / ISSN 978-1-922075-55-0
File Details 3.4 MB PDF Document
Final Report Mon 7 Jul 2014 Daphne Habibis, Rhonda Phillips, Peter Phibbs, Julia Verdouw
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Issue 175: How can governments encourage institutional investment to increase the supply of affordable rental housing?

This Research and Policy Bulletin provides details of the key findings and policy implications from the completed AHURI research project Financing and institutional arrangements for the provision of affordable rental housing in Australia (Investigative Panel).

Project name Financing and institutional arrangements for the provision of affordable rental housing in Australia (Investigative Panel)
ISBN / ISSN 1445-3428
File Details 402 KB PDF Document
Research and Policy Bulletin Fri 4 Jul 2014 Vivienne Milligan, Ilan Wiesel, Hal Pawson, Judith Yates, Carrie Hamilton
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No. 160: Assessing management costs and tenant outcomes in social housing: developing a framework

This research aims to inform the development of a robust framework to assess the service costs and tenant benefits of social rental housing; that is housing made available at below market rents and allocated according to need.

Project name Cost effectiveness and tenant outcomes in social housing
ISBN / ISSN 978-1-922075-56-7
File Details 1.2 MB PDF Document
Positioning Paper Tue 1 Jul 2014 Hal Pawson, Vivienne Milligan, Peter Phibbs, Steven Rowley