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Research agenda and funding

The AHURI National Housing Research Program

The AHURI National Housing Research Program invests annually in housing and urban policy research through a range of activities.

  • Multi-year research projects.
  • Research projects.
  • Research capacity building.
  • Research dissemination.

Multi-year research projects typically comprise suites of projects that extend over 3 years and are designed to answer research questions that are complex and/or longitudinal in nature and require a long term funding commitment. NRVs are not funded via a competitive funding round but are developed collaboratively across the Institute through a process of negotiation with AHURI Research Centre Directors.

Research projects are the backbone of AHURI's National Housing Research Program and consume the largest single share of annual research funding. Research projects typically comprise single, less complex research questions. They are funded through an annual competitive funding round and by inviting tender responses to research briefs issued throughout the year. Research projects may vary in length from a few weeks to a few years and range across discrete secondary data analysis to significant primary data collection exercises.

Research capacity building aims to develop the skills and resources of the housing and urban research community in Australia. Research capacity building is funded through the conduct of NRVs and research projects as well as by discrete activities such as the AHURI postgraduate top-up scholarship program, post-doctoral fellowships, and the annual postgraduate symposium.

Research dissemination is central to AHURI's aim of providing an evidence base for policy development. Research dissemination is generally funded separately by AHURI. Research reports from all AHURI research projects are published on the AHURI website. Research and Policy Bulletins are also published by AHURI to summarise the key findings from completed research and to develop the implications of the research findings for policy development. Seminars and conferences are also supported by AHURI including the biennial National Housing Conference.

Last updated: 20 Jun 2014