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Capacity building

As the national research institute for applied housing and urban policy research, AHURI undertakes a series of research capacity building measures to develop the skills and resources of the research community in Australia.

The AHURI Postgraduate Top-up Scholarships and Annual Postgraduate Symposium are measures designed to assist postgraduate study in the field of housing and urban research.

AHURI supports scholars to develop their careers in housing and urban policy research with Postdoctoral Fellowships, each of the National Research Ventures has also supported a Postdoctoral Researcher.

Housing Postgraduate Top-up Scholarships

AHURI offers postgraduate scholarships that provide additional funding to the holder of an Australian Research Council, university, or other similar postgraduate scholarship.

Housing Postdoctoral Fellowships

One AHURI Postdoctoral Fellowship is made available each financial year to students of participant universities of the AHURI Research Centres.

Federal Minister's Award for Early Career Housing Researcher

Recipients of the Minister's Award for Early Career Researcher

Indigenous capacity building

Australia urgently needs more skilled, senior Indigenous housing policy makers, practitioners and researchers. Closing the gap in Indigenous housing outcomes will depend on this.

Postgraduate symposium

The AHURI Postgraduate Symposium is an annual 2–3-day event that each AHURI Postgraduate Top-up Scholarship holder attends. The symposium provides an opportunity for scholars to present and discuss their research amongst their peers and Australia's leading housing and urban researchers.


Last updated: 19 Dec 2013