Federal Minister's Award for Early Career Housing Researchers

AHURI is committed to encouraging excellence in housing research and supporting continuous professional development opportunities that sustain and grow Australia’s research capabilities in this field.

The Federal Minister's Award for Early Career Housing Researchers (ECR Award) is administered by AHURI and awarded annually at the Australasian Housing Researchers Conference. This Award recognises excellence among those beginning their careers in housing and urban research. 

The next Australasian Housing Researchers Conference will be held in Hobart from 18-20 Feb 2015. To find out more information, click here. 


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2014 Australasian Housing Researchers Conference cancelled, no award presented
2013 No suitable candidates from the Australasian Housing Researchers Conference nominated
2012 Ms Deb Batterham
Hanover Welfare Services
2010 Dr Lucy Groenhart
RMIT University
2009 Dr Louise Crabtree
University of Western Sydney
2007 Dr Tony Gilmour
Sydney University
2006 Dr Emma Baker
AHURI Southern Research Centre

Last updated: 24 Nov 2014