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Dr Erika Altmann

How do effective sourcing strategies relate to organisational capacity and governance? The case of owner corporations as volunteer organisations responsible for large assets.

Dr Tom Alves

Managing medium density development: a municipal case study

Naomi Bailey, RMIT University

Breaking the cycle: pathways through chronic homelessness

Dr Ron Aspin

Public-private partnerships as a solution to housing affordability problems

Colin Beattie, Curtin University

‘Decarbonising’ urban development

Kristen Bell, RMIT University

Elements of Public Transport Service Quality

Gordon Bijen, University of Western Sydney

Housing Estate of Mind: exploring the impact of public housing renewal upon community life

Dr Jane Bringolf

Barriers to universal design in housing

Dr David Bunce

Community-based organisations: how can they increase the supply of affordable housing?

Dr Eleanor Button

Problem gambling and pathways into homelessness

Phillipa Carnemolla. UNiversity of New South Wales

Enabling built environments: Home modifications and waged care substitution

Dr Tony Chalkley

Ethnographies of housing: exploring the role of housing officers in public housing service provision

Julie Conway, University of Queensland

Islanding in Moreton Bay: a study of place, self and the quest for a better life

Dr Anna Cooke

Household pro-environmental behaviour: the role of internalised motivation and positive emotions

Kathleen Flanagan, University of Tasmania

New public management and government services provision

Total 56 articles in this section.
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