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Dr Tom Alves

Managing medium density development: a municipal case study

Dr Ron Aspin

Public-private partnerships as a solution to housing affordability problems

Dr Jane Bringolf

Barriers to universal design in housing

Dr Eloise Francis-Brophy

Utilising media and communications to serve policy outcomes

Dr Eleanor Button

Problem gambling and pathways into homelessness

Dr Tony Chalkley

Ethnographies of housing: exploring the role of housing officers in public housing service provision

Dr Anna Cooke

Household pro-environmental behaviour: the role of internalised motivation and positive emotions

Dr Jon Deakin

Building workforce capacity to address complex health, housing and social inclusion issues through critical systems thinking and practice

Dr Gabrielle Drake

The privatisation of the back wards: the accommodation of people with intellectual disability and people with mental illness in licensed boarding houses in Sydney

Dr Rae Dufty

The geographies and governmentalities of housing assistance: a study of rural Public Housing in New South Wales, Australia

Dr Klaus Gebel

Investigating the relationships between urban design and population participation in physical activity in New South Wales

Dr Tony Gilmour

Network power: an international study of strengthening housing association capacity

Dr Dan Goss

Accessing the great Australian dream: pathways into first home ownership

Dr Lucy Groenhart

Evaluating social housing policy: a wicked problem?

Anne Hurni

Urbanism and transport in the lives of children and young people in Blacktown, western Sydney

Total 35 articles in this section.
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