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Naomi Bailey, RMIT University

Breaking the cycle: pathways through chronic homelessness

Colin Beattie, Curtin University

‘Decarbonising’ urban development

Kristen Bell, RMIT University

Accessibility measures in planning practice

David Bunce, University of Adelaide

Community-based organisations: how can they increase the supply of affordable housing?

Tayanah Caldarella, University of Western Sydney

Planning for sea level rise: the socio-legal value of land and development

Kathleen Flanagan, University of Tasmania

New public management and government services provision

Sarah Greenlees, Swinburne University

Spatial disadvantage over time: are areas locked into spatial disadvantage?

Samantha Hall, Curtin University

Greening the built environment - design and performance assessment for green buildings

Mithila Karmaker, University of Queensland

Housing pathways of Bangladeshi new immigrants to Australia: experiences and barriers

Jennifer Kent, University of New South Wales

Barriers to active transport

Bronwyn Meyrick, RMIT University

Housing affordability versus environmental sustainability: what’s the right thing to do?

Martin Nichols, University of Western Sydney

Infrastructure costs associated with forms of urban development

Mark Singer, Swinburne University

Resilience in a social housing system

Melanie Spallek, University of Queensland

Interrelationships between housing transitions, fertility and levels of wellbeing

Alice Stoakes, RMIT University

For better or for worse: wealth outcomes among married, cohabiting and dissolved unions


Last updated: 29 Jul 2013