Current postgraduate scholars

Naomi Bailey, RMIT University

Breaking the cycle: pathways through chronic homelessness

Colin Beattie, Curtin University

‘Decarbonising’ urban development

Kristen Bell, RMIT University

Accessibility measures in planning practice

Tayanah Caldarella, University of Western Sydney

Planning for sea level rise: the socio-legal value of land and development

Kathleen Flanagan, University of Tasmania

New public management and government services provision

Sarah Greenlees, Swinburne University

Spatial disadvantage over time: are areas locked into spatial disadvantage?

Samantha Hall, Curtin University

Greening the built environment - design and performance assessment for green buildings

Mithila Karmaker, University of Queensland

Housing pathways of Bangladeshi new immigrants to Australia: experiences and barriers

Martin Nichols, University of Western Sydney

Infrastructure costs associated with forms of urban development

Mark Singer, Swinburne University

Resilience in a social housing system

Melanie Spallek, University of Queensland

Interrelationships between housing transitions, fertility and levels of wellbeing

Alice Stoakes, RMIT University

For better or for worse: wealth outcomes among married, cohabiting and dissolved unions

Vivien Streeter, Swinburne University

Retrospective longitudinal study of housing and urban regeneration and social inclusion outcomes of the redevelopment of Bowden Brompton

Andrew Tice, University of New South Wales

The role of lower value housing markets in the post-industrial city


Last updated: 29 Jul 2013