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Melanie Anderson, University of New South Wales

Housing and it’s relationship to health for Aboriginal people in urban NSW

Annette Bardsley, The University of Adelaide

Demographic Change, Biodiversity Conservation and Bushfires: planning for sustainable futures within peri-urban regions of Mediterranean Australia and France

Rachel Bills, The University of Adelaide

Healthy housing for an ageing population: examining thermal comfort and affordability from the inside out

Luc Burrowman, Monash University

Housing affordability using the residual method in the Australian context

Mandy Brent-Houghton, Swinburne University

The invisible descent into poverty? The housing of older single women in Australia

Simon Colman, RMIT University

Energy Efficient Urban Forms: An Exploration of the Relationship between City Shape and Energy Demand

Christine Eon, Curtin University

Low cost low carbon housing: what makes the most difference?

Tamlin Gorter, University of Tasmania

How social theory has informed the development of housing studies, and the usefulness of this contribution for framing contemporary housing problems.

Jemma Green, Curtin University

What are the challenges and synergies to delivering low cost and low carbon housing in Perth and how can this be mainstreamed?

Mike Harris, The University of Sydney

Authenticity in the Competitive City Precincts

Shae Hunter, Swinburne University

How do structures and practices in the Australian private rental sector contribute to the livability and environmental performance of properties?

Nicole Moore, University of Western Sydney

The engagement of Indigenous epistemology and institutions in policy making: A case study of Aboriginal housing policy in NSW, and the implications for an Aboriginal housing research agenda

Martin Nichols, University of Western Sydney

Australian infrastructure costs associated with compact and dispersed cities

Jasmine Palmer, The University of Adelaide

Unlocking the ‘black-box’ of medium-density housing provision in Australian urban regeneration

Francesca Perugia, University of Western Australia

Targeting appropriate design in affordable housing for culturally and linguistically diverse migrant groups.

Total 18 articles in this section.
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