AHURI Strategic Plan 2018–2022

Addressing the housing, homelessness and urban challenges that impact liveability and productivity

AHURI’s Strategic Plan 2018–2022, highlights our vision, mission and strategic goals for the next four years. The Strategic Plan embraces the fact that while Australia continues to experience sustained economic growth, the nation faces many housing, homelessness and urban challenges that impact liveability and productivity.

Our vision

Australian policy and decision making in housing and urban issues is informed by credible and independent evidence to facilitate:

  • the alignment of public, private and not-for-profit sector investment to optimise outcomes and value
  • an integrated approach to planning productive, sustainable, and liveable urban environments
  • healthy, cohesive and connected communities and places
  • affordable and secure housing for all Australians.

Our mission

To inform and impact better housing, homelessness, cities and related urban outcomes through the delivery and dissemination of relevant and authoritative research.

Our strategic goals

  1. Inform and influence cities policy, planning and practice
  2. Inform and influence housing policy, planning and practice
  3. Foster engagement across all sectors and stakeholder groups
  4. Build public and professional understanding of housing and cities issues
  5. Enhance national policy and research capability
  6. Optimise the value that AHURI delivers.

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AHURI Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022

A key component of the AHURI governance framework

Strategic initiatives that will drive evidence-based policy and practice, public dialogue, and national capability in research and policy development.