Research in progress

Discover AHURI's ongoing cities research program

In 2019, AHURI launched three inaugural research projects on Cities and Urban Research. These projects explore government coordination, responses to urban transportation and housing supply and social infrastructure.

Local Government Co-ordination: Metropolitan Governance in Twenty-first Century Australia

Led by Associate Professor Andrew Butt at RMIT University

Investigating the experiences of local government in cooperative models of Australian metropolitan governance, and providing recommendations for policy and the development of more extensive research on metropolitan governance.

Innovative responses to urban transportation: current practice in Australian Cities

Led by Professor Jago Dodson at RMIT University

Looking into drivers and processes of change within metropolitan transport systems in Australia and internationally to identify future options and directions for policy development.

New housing supply, population growth, and access to social infrastructure

Led by Dr Somwrita Sarkar at the University of Sydney

Developing a monitoring framework that correlates the supply of new residential dwellings and potential population growth against the delivery of social infrastructure in greenfield areas.

Population growth, migration and agglomeration

AHURI Inquiry

What role do housing costs, migration and the benefits/problems of agglomeration have on raising economic productivity?

Urban productivity and affordable rental housing supply

AHURI Inquiry

How does affordable private rental housing supply support labour markets and urban productivity, and what are the implications for strategic funding and planning interventions in metropolitan and non-metropolitan Australia?