New housing supply, population growth, and access to social infrastructure

Led by Dr Somwrita Sarkar at the University of Sydney

Government and industry in Australia lack a shared understanding and vision of required social infrastructure facilities, networks, and services. As a result, there is variability in the distribution of, and access to, social infrastructure in fast growth and rapidly changing areas of Australian cities.

There are multiple actors involved in the provision of social infrastructure, including three levels of government each with responsibility for distinct (though sometimes overlapping geographic areas). There are also multiple sectors with responsibility for providing this infrastructure. However, there isn’t a shared source of information to set targets, evaluate performance or plan for the future.

This project proposes the key idea of accessibility oriented development. It develops a monitoring framework correlating the supply of new residential dwellings and potential population growth, against their relationship to the delivery of social infrastructure in greenfield areas across Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. This monitoring tool will assist policy coordination of social infrastructure delivery.

  • Dr. Somwrita Sarkar, The University of Sydney
  • Prof. David Levinson, The University of Sydney
  • Dr. Emily Moylan, The University of Sydney
  • A/Prof. Glen Searle, The University of Sydney
  • Dr. Tooran Alizadeh, The University of Sydney
  • Prof. Nicole Gurran, The University of Sydney
  • Dr. Michael Darcy, The University of Sydney
  • Dr. Mike Mouritz, Curtin University
  • Mr. Sebastian Davies-Slate, Curtin University