Urban productivity and affordable rental housing supply

How does affordable private rental housing supply support labour markets and urban productivity, and what are the implications for strategic funding and planning interventions in metropolitan and non-metropolitan Australia?

This Inquiry builds an evidence base on relationships between Australia’s urban productivity and affordable rental housing supply. Charting a national geography of rental affordability and economic access, the Inquiry provides new data on the distribution of affordable private rental accommodation, and examines how strategic city deals and smart city interventions might lift housing choice and boost productivity in urban and regional Australia.

Changes in the supply of affordable rental housing in Australian cities, 2011–16

The project will deliver: i) updated time-series data on affordable/available private rental supply in a wide variety of spatial units nationally and ii) evidence on capital/satellite cities’ performance in supplying Q2-households with affordable private rental housing and their household employment status through analysis of customised 2016 and prior Census data.

Led by: Kathleen Hulse
Project status: Complete, download the final report

Affordable rental housing, commuting costs and urban productivity

This project investigates commuting costs for households in urban locations with greater affordable housing supply. By linking housing costs with employment and commuting costs the project assesses household locational cost trade-offs. The project offers new insights into the productivity of Australian cities via affordable rental housing provision in job-accessible locations.

Led by: Jago Dodgson
Project status: Complete, download the final report

Strategic planning, ‘City Deals’ and affordable housing

This project examines how strategic interventions can leverage affordable rental housing choices near employment, enhancing urban productivity. It reviews international practice and outcomes from spatial funding and ‘city deals’, drawing lessons for Australia; and identifies new opportunities for affordable rental housing delivery and economic growth in metropolitan and satellite cities.

Led by: Madeline Pill
Project status: Complete, download the final report

Affordable housing implications of smart cities and innovation economies

This project investigates the role of affordable rental housing in supporting digital innovation and employment growth in metropolitan and satellite cities. Through an international evidence review, case studies and interviews with urban planners and firms, it identifies ‘smart city’ exemplars for leveraging new economy jobs near affordable rental supply.

Led by: Robyn Dowling
Project status: Underway

  • Project leader: Nicole Gurran
  • Research centre: The University of Sydney
  • Project number: 73200