Rachel Ong ViforJ

Professor Rachel Ong

Rachel completed undergraduate degree in economics and finance at Murdoch University focussing on the interactions between economics and social policy. Her PhD topic was on housing and labour market issues that affect older Australians.

Rachel was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from Curtin University and is now Economics Professor at the Curtin Business School as well as Deputy Director at the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre. Much of her work is on the economics of housing, and she has a strong interest in the intersection of housing and ageing issues.

She was a key researcher in influential AHURI work on the impacts of the Henry Tax Review (with Gavin Wood); on modelling the interactions between housing assistance and labour market participation; and on housing equity withdrawals by older homeowners. Findings from the equity withdrawal research were cited in an OECD report on pensions, and have led to Rachel being invited to national policy round tables and discussions on the issue.

Currently, Rachel is leading the AHURI Evidence-Based Policy Inquiry, ‘Housing policies, labour force participation and economic growth’. The Inquiry is supporting housing policy by shedding light on the significance of causal mechanisms that link housing and economic growth (including employment participation, mobility, housing supply and wealth effects).