Is social housing infrastructure? Tuesday 2 April 2019, Brisbane

Dr Kathleen Flanagan

Research Fellow, University of Tasmania

Kathleen Flanagan

Dr Kathleen Flanagan is a Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania. Prior to joining the University of Tasmania, Kathleen worked in the Tasmanian community sector, particularly with Anglicare’s highly-regarded Social Action and Research Centre. This work involved research and policy development in relation to housing policy and access to essential services for low income earners, and advocacy work, including regular contributions through the media. She was appointed by the Premier of Tasmania to the Cost of Living Expert Advisory Panel in 2010, which provided expert input into the development of the Tasmanian Cost of Living Strategy 2011, and is a past Chair of Volunteering Tasmania. She is currently working on a number of projects funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute directed at improving the sustainability and efficacy of the Australian housing system.

She is currently the Deputy Director of the Housing and Community Research Unit (HACRU) with particular responsibility for HACRU’s profile and event organisation.