Disrupting the housing market, 4 December 2018, Hobart

Prof Richard Eccleston

Director, Institute for the Study of Social Change, University of Tasmania

Richard Eccleston

Richard Eccleston is Professor of Political Science and founding Director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change at the University of Tasmania. He is a specialist in comparative political economy.

Richard takes a keen interest in Tasmanian politics and is a respected commentator on local and national political affairs. He is especially interested in research and strategies that can contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable community.

The Institute for the Study of Social Change was established in 2014, and brings together researchers from across the University of Tasmania to collaborate on problems and ideas relating to social change. The Institute’s mission is to enhance our understanding of the causes of social change and to develop innovative and sustainable strategies to shape the trajectory of change, and to address its consequences.

Our approach emphasises the translation of critical inquiry and scholarly knowledge from a range of disciplinary perspectives into practical strategies to promote social adaptation, transformation and renewal. The distinctiveness of our research is derived from our capacity to work with the Tasmanian community to develop and trial innovative strategies which both respond to local need, and address globally significant problems.