National Homelessness Conference 2018

Sally Langton

Sally Langton Consulting

Sally LangtonSally Langton has over 30 years’ experience in homelessness and housing services. For the last 15 years Sally has worked in Executive Management in four different community housing organisations in South Australia including; Common Ground Adelaide, Housing Spectrum and Unity Housing. For the last 3 years Sally was the CEO of Central Australian Affordable Housing (CAAH); an Aboriginal housing organisation which provides Tenancy Management on 16 of the Alice Springs Town Camps, community housing in 80 urban properties and a private rental housing program under the NT Government’s Homelessness Innovation Program. Whilst at CAAH Sally oversaw the completion of 11 NRAS properties for working Aboriginal families and 11 properties for renal patients and their families who relocated to Alice Springs for medical services. Sally believes that good quality, culturally informed and highly relational tenancy and client management provide the key to successful outcomes in Aboriginal housing and homelessness intervention. With the Northern Territory experiencing the highest homelessness rates in the Nation; and most homeless people in the Territory being Aboriginal Sally has some unique insights into the barriers and realities facing homeless Aboriginal people in the Territory.

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