National Homelessness Conference 2018

Dr Clare Townsend PhD

National Manager, Research and Development, Synapse

Clare Townsend Clare is the National Manager-Research and Development at Synapse and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith and James Cook Universities.

She manages a portfolio of strategic research which address the rights and needs of marginalized people with neurocognitive and other complex disabilities. She is Chief Investigator of The Guddi Project which includes a point prevalence study to ascertain the level of neurocognitive disabilities amongst Indigenous homeless people in Cairns and Partner Investigator on ARC Linkage Grant (LP140100446) with Griffith University and others.

From 2009-2013 Clare was Director Systems Research, Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support, University of Queensland. From 2000 -2009 she undertook a lead role in the development of state, national and international mental health policies. She has published in industry relevant journals and presents Synapse research in academic and other fora.

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