National Homelessness Conference 2018

Debra Zanella

Chief Executive Officer, Ruah Community Services

Debra Zanella Debra has been serving in the role as Chief Executive Officer of Ruah Community Services since 2016. Prior to this she held the Chief Executive Officer position at Hope Community Services, and Director of Organisational Development at St John of God Subiaco. As CEO of Hope Community Services Debra oversaw significant growth and expansion in alcohol and other drugs treatment and support services, as well as managing youth residential services and youth mental health.

Debra currently serves on multiple boards and committees, the East Metropolitan Health Service and the Alcohol Advisory Board and is the President of WACOSS. Previously, Debra has also been active on the WANADA and WAAMH board.

Debra would like to see a strong and sustainable community services sector to continue to ensure the inclusion of all people, particularly those most excluded, in our community. She also is excited to work with the sector to develop the leadership that is required for the future of community services in WA.

She is a founding member of the WA Alliance to End Homelessness (WAAEH) and is a member of the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH).

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