National Homelessness Conference 2018

Elvis Martin

Peer Education and Support Program (PESP), Council to Homeless Persons

Elvis Martin Elvis Martin is one of the passionate young leaders of Victoria advocating for social justice. He is currently the Ambassador of National Youth Commission Australia and RUOK?Day. His main focus is to support young people who are experiencing hardships in life and his areas of advocacy work include mental health, homelessness, domestic violence, suicide prevention and LGBTIQ+ community. He uses his platform to promote inclusion, diversity and equality for all.

Elvis uses his personal life experiences to educate others in community and influence decision-makers to create better policies. He is serving the community and the people in need for many years by supporting and bringing them out of their hardships and by making them feel proud of who they are. After experiencing difficulty in life and paddling many personal life hurdles, Elvis has chosen to live with a great purpose in life, and that is to support those who are going through similar experiences as him.