National Homelessness Conference 2018

Leigh Garrett

Chief Executive Officer, OARS Community Transitions

Leigh Garrett Leigh is the Chief Executive Officer of OARS Community Transitions and the Centre for Restorative Justice.  Leigh commenced work with OARS SA in January 1994.  OARS is well known for its work in providing homelessness support, advocacy, counselling, and drug and alcohol treatment for offenders, those at risk of offending, and their families.  In 2010 the new business name OARS Community Transitions was created, reflecting the importance of transition points in people’s lives and the risks associated with this.

In 1997 Leigh established the Centre for Restorative Justice in SA.  The Centre works in courts, schools and businesses to assist in repairing the harm associated with crime and poor behavior and bullying in schools and workplaces.  Leigh also served as Deputy Chair of the Ministerial Housing Advisory Committee to the South Australian Government.