National Homelessness Conference 2018

Paul McDonald

Chair Home Stretch & Chief Executive Officer, Anglicare Victoria

Paul McDonald Paul is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Anglicare Victoria, the State’s leading Agency in delivering out of home care and family support to vulnerable children young people and families. The organisation is renowned for being Australia’s leading edge provider to disadvantaged children, young people and families. His previous positions have included Deputy Secretary in the Department of Human Services responsible for the leadership and management of Victoria’s Child Protection Services and Youth Justice Program. He also led the Governments response to the heroin overdose crisis that captured Melbourne in the late 1990’s to early 2000. He won, on behalf of the Department of Human Services, the Prime Minister’s Award for his Department’s work in harm minimisation during that time.

He is Chair of the Home Stretch Campaign, a national campaign which seeks to stop young people in state care becoming homeless, unemployed or in prison when they have their care terminated at 18 years. He has chaired nationally significant inquiries in the areas of Alcohol Advertising, and Inhalants Abuse, on behalf of the Australian Government, and his recommendations have led to new approaches to the problems of petrol and paint sniffing amongst indigenous youth.

He has led nationally significant organisations targeted at disadvantaged adolescents including YSAS, the first Australian youth specific drug and alcohol treatment service for 12 -21 years olds, and established the St Kilda Crisis Centre, the country’s busiest crisis service and needle and syringe exchange program at the time. He was recently appointed by the Government as State Chair of the Reform of the Out of Home Care System for the Victorian Government, and is current President of the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare.

He is a Patron of the Youth Workers Association. He was also recently the recipient of the Robin Clark leadership award at the 2017 Victorian Protecting Children Awards. This award recognises a leader who inspires others about achieving the best outcomes for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children, young people and their families.

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