National Homelessness Conference 2018

Penny Leemhuis

Founder Older Women Lost in housing OWL’s

Penny LeemhuisOlder women lost in housing, O.W.L’s, that is what 680,000 Australian single women aged 45 and over are.  Hidden underrepresented and abandoned by Australian society we are, ‘the new face and fastest growing group of homeless.’  A tragedy of commons created this crisis.  Together we can construct a commonality of equality and fairness.

Penny Leemhuis is a social justice activist and housing advocate for older women lost to affordable secure accessible housing.  In 2014 Penny’s lived experience as an older women lost to housing compelled her to establish O.W.L's not for profit advocacy.

Utilising a holistic approach Penny lobbies federal and local politicians to reform gender inequalities and implement affordable housing policy change.  A nationally recognised speaker, Penny raises awareness of the systemic inequality issues and empowers the wider community in seeking preventative measures and sustainable solutions to the crisis.

Her background and experience in community development enables individuals and community to embrace social inclusion and gender equality transformation.

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