National Homelessness Conference 2018

Talie Star


Talie StarTalie Star is a consumer advocate who is currently a member of Homelessness NSW’s Policy Council. With experience of homelessness and domestic/family violence Talie wanted to use her background in youth work, with the Love Bites Programme, pastoral care and counselling to assist people, especially women, embrace their full potential. As a consumer advocate with Homelessness NSW, Talie has worked to ensure consumer voices are heard in government process such as IPART’s review of Social Housing and provided addresses at NSW Affordable Housing Conference and the launch of the 2017 National Homelessness Week.

Talie also has a passion for the arts and runs singing classes/workshops and seminars  around empowering people to discover their voice within, to change their inner dialogue and embrace all that they were made to be. In recognition of her outstanding work in promoting the voice of people with a lived experience of homeless, Talie was recently awarded the NSW SHS Sector Consumer achievement award.