Nicola Lemon

Nicola Lemon

Nicola has been the CEO of Hume for the past 6 years. With an academic background in Business Law and subsequent qualifications in Housing Management, Leadership and Training, Nicola has spent her career predominantly in the Community Housing sector, working in the UK for Housing Associations of varied sizes, ranging from 4,500 to 70,000 properties. Nicola was originally responsible for the delivery and management of front line housing and community development services. Nicola has extensive experience in leading teams to successfully implement regeneration projects, including large-scale estate renewal programs and property development programs.

Nicola’s success in facilitating long lasting improvements and change in the communities within which she worked, led to Nicola taking on senior positions in large UK Housing Associations. Here she was responsible for driving and managing organisation’s growth, continuous improvement, compliance regulation and development programs.

Nicola has worked alongside Organisation’s directorate to develop and successfully implement various strategies, which included the regeneration of communities through the UK’s PFI model, establishing robust risk management systems and setting up group procurement structures.

In her time at Hume Nicola has led the organisation through significant change and up skilling, increased turnover, established a Value for Money culture, secured growth through successful tenders and obtained Class 1 Registration status. Nicola has achieved this whilst ensuring the main focus is on assisting individuals and communities to reach their potential.