AHURI Research Webinar Series

Social housing pathways in Australia

Wednesday 19 August 2020 at 1:00pm (AEST)

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About the event

Social housing pathways are the housing experiences of tenants and their households over time and space. They are not linear and may refer to changes in tenure, household form, experiences and attachment.

In recent times, social housing policy in Australia has largely been driven by a need to manage the social housing waiting list, rather than ensuring positive housing outcomes for tenants and their households. Policies for entry into, movement within and out of social housing are predominantly shaped by eligibility criteria, which increasingly have been prioritising people with complex needs.

This free webinar presented the findings from a new AHURI research project — ‘A pathway to where?’ Inquiry into understanding and reimagining social housing pathways — led by Professor Kristy Muir, UNSW Sydney and CEO of the Centre for Social Impact. Following the research presentation, Professor Muir participated in a discussion with Q Shelter's Executive Director Fiona Caniglia and AHURI’s Executive Director Dr Michael Fotheringham and took questions from the audience.

In this 90 minute webinar you will learn about:

  • Who is living in social housing and understand their movements into, within and out of social housing
  • The lived experiences of Australian social housing tenants
  • How social housing pathways are conceptualised and constructed by housing policies in Australia


Kristy MuirProfessor Kristy Muir, UNSW Sydney
CEO, Centre for Social Impact 

Professor Kristy Muir is the CEO of the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) and a Professor of Social Policy in the Business School at UNSW Sydney.

She is an elected member of UNSW Sydney’s Council (member of the Finance and Business Committee), the Chair of Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy Australasia, a Non-Executive Director of the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth, Chair of ARACY’s Audit and Risk Committee and a member of the Community Director’s Council, the NSW Premier’s Council on Homelessness and the Gonski Institute for Education Advisory Board.

Her research spans housing, education, employment, social participation, disability, mental health, financial resilience and wellbeing. She has published widely in policy, sociology, social work, history and public health journals and in publicly accessible and popular media, such as TEDx, The Mandarin, The Guardian and The Conversation.


Fiona CanigliaFiona Caniglia, Executive Director, Q Shelter

Fiona’s history with Q Shelter dates back to the 1990’s when she was involved in various committees and working groups striving for housing and homelessness solutions.

Fiona is qualified in social work and social planning and has extensive experience across government, community services, and private industries. She is a passionate advocate for the housing and homelessness sector, and has held leadership roles in industry peak bodies and in grass roots community development.


Michael FotheringhamDr Michael Fotheringham, Executive Director, AHURI (facilitator)

Michael is a research and policy development specialist with experience in a wide range of areas including housing and homelessness, public health, urban and community services planning. After joining the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute in 2014, he was appointed Executive Director in 2017 and is now responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Institute and leading the development of a contemporary and policy relevant evidence-base on housing, homelessness and urban issues.

Michael has expertise in building research programs and policy agendas with not-for-profit, government and academic organisations. He currently serves on a variety of expert advisory panels including the Australian Government’s Smart Cities Reference Group, the Housing Supply Expert Panel, the Queensland Housing and Homelessness Research Alliance, The Urban Futures and Sustainable Living Expert Research Advisory Group, and the Homes for Homes Housing Advisory Group.