Australasian Housing Researchers Conference to feature AHURI researchers

19 Jan 2017

27 researchers from the AHURI network will present their work at the upcoming Australasian Housing Researchers Conference

AHURI will be well represented at the 2017 Australasian Housing Researchers Conference in Melbourne next month with 27 AHURI researchers and five researchers who received AHURI PhD top-up scholarships speaking at the conference.

Building capacity in Australia’s housing research community is an important part of AHURI’s mission and the large number of AHURI researchers involved in the conference is positive confirmation of the breadth and depth of research talent in the network.

In addition, two AHURI sponsored awards will be presented at the conference: the Federal Minister's Award for Early Career Housing Researcher and ‘The Berry’, also known as the Professor Mike Berry Award for Excellence in Housing Research.

The Federal Minister's Award for Early Career Housing Researcher recognises excellence in those beginning careers in housing and urban research. ‘The Berry’, created by Housing Choices Australia and AHURI to honour the outstanding contribution made by Professor Mike Berry to the affordable housing sector in Australia, is for the best piece of new housing and urban research, with the winner receiving an engraved award and a $1,000 cash prize.

The AHURI research awards support continuous professional development opportunities that sustain and grow Australia’s research capabilities in housing and urban research.

The Australian Housing Research Conference will be held from 15-17 February at RMIT, Swanston Academic Building 80 in Melbourne.