Key research themes

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AHURI's library of research reports can be browsed under our 11 key research themes. The research draws on the extensive capabilities of our network of university partners to deliver accurate and insightful reports into key policy and practice issues.

You can view the AHURI research catalogue by exploring each of the following key themes.

Financing social and affordable housing

Key research theme

Models and stratagems for funding affordable housing for lower income households; social housing bonds; encouraging institutional investment.

Home ownership

Key research theme

Trends in home ownership and the causes of those trends; households selling out of home ownership; home equity withdrawal; aspirations of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians; barriers, challenges and opportunities of home ownership; and policy interventions to support home ownership.


Key research theme

Cost-effectiveness of homelessness assistance; the nature of homelessness for various groups of people; and the effectiveness of particular homelessness policy interventions.

Housing aspirations and careers

Key research theme

The interactions between lower income householder requirements/wants and housing dynamics; housing careers; tenure mobility; residential mobility; cohort preferences and housing outcomes; implications of changes in housing demand for policy.

Housing assistance and social policy

Key research theme

Interactions between forms of government housing assistance and social policy; consumer choice and welfare reform; poverty traps and unemployment traps; and concepts like social exclusion/inclusion, social cohesion and social connectedness.

Housing and the economy

Key research theme

Role of housing in the growth and function of urban productivity; effects on labour markets; urban congestion; human capital development and business agglomeration.

Indigenous housing

Key research theme

Housing and homeless issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, including culturally-appropriate design; achieving sustainable tenancies and home ownership; and the nature of mobility and its relationship to homelessness.

Private rental market

Key research theme

Profile and experiences of private rental tenants; private rental investor motivations and risk-assessment practices; effectiveness of government policies that seek to address affordability problems in the private rental market.

Supply of and demand for social and affordable housing

Key research theme

Methods to increase the supply of, and effectiveness of, public, community, other not-for-profit and for-profit housing. This housing may be for rental housing or housing for sale to eligible lower income households.

Tax and housing policy

Key research theme

Interactions between affordable housing supply and various forms of government taxation, including modelling the effect of changes to forms of taxation; stamp duties and land taxes; negative gearing; value of tax concessions and distributional outcomes.

Urban planning and housing

Key research theme

Urban planning's impact on the cost of housing; mechanisms for improving the supply of affordable housing; environmental and social sustainability of urban areas.