National Housing Research Program (NHRP)

National Housing Research Program

Building an evidence-base of practical applied research

Through the National Housing Research Program (NHRP), AHURI has funded over 500 research projects and published over 700 policy-oriented, high quality housing research reports and policy development summaries since 2000.

2021 NHRP Research Agenda

The NHRP invests in a range of activities including:

  • the conduct of research
  • research capacity building
  • research dissemination
  • facilitated engagement between the research and policy communities.

The program is open to continuous applications from all Australian universities to enter into the participants’ network. The NHRP fosters collaboration in research across universities and internationally, and is building research capacity through supporting postgraduate scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows and early career researchers, including Indigenous scholars and researchers. NHRP funding for research is awarded through an annual funding round which is competitive and based on the absolute merit of the application.

The NHRP is building an evidence-base of practical applied research to support policy development, and is adding new knowledge to housing studies and related disciplines. The NHRP Research Agenda is updated annually to provide direction in the development of this evidence-base and to set priorities for the annual funding round. The Research Agenda is developed through consultation with the AHURI Limited Board, government housing Chief Executives, the Australian Government, relevant state and territory governments, Research Centre Directors and the NHRP Research Panel.

Research approach and agenda

Collaboration and engagement

Using a Policy Development Research Model, we engage the research and policy community to stimulate ideas and help shape future housing policy.

NHRP funding rounds

An annual, nationally competitive process

The assessment process is competitive and based on the absolute merit of the application.

Editorial process

Peer-reviewed research

NHRP publishes high quality double blind peer reviewed research that is overseen by an editorial board.

International collaboration

Global partnerships

Building relationships with key international research partners across AHURI’s three research streams—housing, homelessness and cities—is an integral feature of the activities of AHURI.

Research capacity building

Building the skills and resources of our Australian researchers

Learn about our capacity building opportunities for postgraduate and postdoctorate researchers, including scholarship top-ups, symposiums and postdoctoral fellowships.

Research awards

AHURI sponsored awards for Australian housing professionals

AHURI is committed to supporting continuous professional development opportunities that sustain and grow Australia’s research capabilities in housing and urban research.

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