National Housing Research Program (NHRP)

NHRP funding rounds

The NHRP Funding Round is an annual, nationally competitive process.

The assessment process is competitive and based on the absolute merit of the application. Each application is independently assessed against key selection criteria by four assessors: two academic assessors, one state or territory assessor and one assessor from the Australian Government.

The applications are assessed against criteria, ranked by merit, based on the findings of the assessment process, and subject to the deliberations of the NHRP Research Panel. This ranking determines the advice provided to the AHURI Limited Board on the funding of applications, and it is the AHURI Limited Board who approve the funded applications.

The NHRP 2021 funding round is now open until midday AEST Thursday 16 July 2020.

The NHRP Research Panel is responsible for assessing applications.

The Research Panel meets to achieve consensus on the ranked order of applications determined by merit and makes recommendations for funding of applications to the AHURI Limited Board.

The Research Panel is a sub-committee of the AHURI Limited Board, and is chaired by the Executive Director of AHURI. It provides valuable input into the development of the annual National Housing Research Program (NHRP) Research Agenda. The Research Agenda sets out the context and priorities of the annual funding round.

The Research Panel comprises two categories of membership: assessors and advisors.


NHRP Assessors review all applications and provide formal assessments of their merit against selection criteria: Relevance, Research Approach, the Research Team, Budget, and Integration for Inquiries.

Each application is assessed by:

  • representations from the Australian Government Treasury
  • representation from the Australian Department of Social Services (DSS)
  • representation from the State and Territories
  • independent academics, with required disciplinary expertise.


NHRP Advisors represent relevant stakeholder groups and provide advice on the relevance of applications, but do not assess them.

They include:

The AHURI Limited Board

The AHURI Limited Board provides advice on the development of the AHURI Research Agenda and approves its release for the NHRP Funding Round each year.