Policy issue analysis

Examining housing, homelessness and urban policy issues

In-depth analysis on selected policy issues drawing on the AHURI research evidence-base.  Each topic provides a detailed analysis of a relevant policy issues and presents potential solutions as policy development options. Each topic is supported by a resource list drawn from the AHURI research library.

Public housing renewal and social mix

AHURI policy development

17 Aug 2020

Public housing renewal and social mix—what is the issue?

Housing, homelessness and domestic and family violence

AHURI policy development

Domestic violence may cause individuals to leave home, impacting on their housing situation.

Mental health and housing

AHURI policy development

Living in safe, secure and stable housing is an important part of recovery from mental ill health.

Delivering services for people at risk of homelessness

AHURI policy development

Examine the factors that contribute to homelessness and explore the policy development options that may help those at risk

Increasing affordable rental supply

AHURI policy development

Understand how governments might build capacity in the affordable housing industry to substantially improve housing outcomes for low income households.

Institutional investment

AHURI policy development

In line with the Australian Government's Affordable Housing Working Group, what policy options could encourage large scale institutional investors to invest in the social housing sector.

Private rental for lower income households

AHURI policy development

Can government secure greater levels of public benefit from its expenditure in the private rental market to help lower income households while also reducing the demands on the social housing system?

Supporting older lower income tenants in the private rental sector

AHURI policy development

Retired lower income households living in the private rental sector face rent increases and insecure tenure while being on low fixed incomes.

Welfare reform and consumer choice

AHURI policy development

Explore the impacts of Government welfare reform initiatives to promote consumer choice for people on benefits and low incomes in the context of shortages of public housing and affordable rental accommodation.