Inquiry into enhancing the coordination of housing supports for individuals leaving institutional settings

What are the housing support approaches for individuals leaving insititutional settings?

This Inquiry will identify customised, integrated and coordinated housing support approaches for individuals leaving institutional settings. The Inquiry will focus on three domains: residential treatment for mental health and/or substance use problems; the criminal justice system; and out of home care.

Leaving Rehab: Enhancing Transitions into Stable Housing

The project will examine the coordination between residential treatment and housing and social support services using international comparisons and linked administrative data followed by testing in the field. It aims to enhance transition planning and reduce the risk of housing instability for individuals leaving treatment for mental health and/or substance use problems.

Led by: Cameron Duff, RMIT University

Exiting prison with complex needs: the role of housing assistance

This project investigates how housing assistance shapes the pathways of persons with complex needs exiting prison. It uses linked administrative data to understand post-release contacts with criminal justice and other agencies in NSW, Tasmania and Victoria and to examine the cost-benefits of housing assistance and where investment is best targeted.

Led by: Chris Martin, University of New South Wales

Accommodating transition: improving housing outcomes for young people leaving out of home care

A large proportion of young people leaving out of home care (OHC) experience long-term poverty, homelessness and transience. This study will analyse linked administrative data and integrate the findings with information collected from young people transitioning from OHC and service providers to determine policies, services and supports that contribute to improved housing outcomes.

Led by: Robyn Martin, Curtin University

  • Project leader: Cameron Duff
  • Research centre: RMIT University
  • Project number: