Understanding and reimagining social housing pathways

How can social housing pathways be reimagined for more effective services, supports and policies?

This inquiry aims to untangle, better understand and reimagine social housing pathways. Using systems thinking and drawing on national and international evidence and new empirical data, the project will help in understanding the drivers of social housing pathways and inform effective services, supports and policies.

Final Inquiry Report

The Final Inquiry Report was published on 23 July 2020:

Muir, K., Powell, A., Flanagan, K., Stone, W., Tually, S., Faulkner, D., Hartley, C., Pawson, H. (2020) ‘A pathway to where?’ Inquiry into understanding and reimagining social housing pathways, AHURI Final Report No. 332, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited, Melbourne, https://www.ahuri.edu.au/research/final-reports/332, doi:10.18408/ahuri-7118001.

The construction of social housing pathways in Australia

This project aims to understand how social housing pathways are constructed within and across jurisdictions in Australia. Drawing on systems thinking, a policy review, existing literature and interviews with policy stakeholders, it will map and examine formal pathways into, within and out of social housing.

Led by: Abigail Powell
Project status: Complete, download the final report 

Understanding the experience of social housing pathways

This project describes the experiences of tenants moving into, within and out of the social housing system, especially those for whom transition is both possible and potentially problematic. It examines how transitions work for providers and delivers findings that will inform policy development to support more sustainable and successful transitions.

Led by: Kathleen Flanagan
Project status: Complete, download the final report

  • Project leader: Kristy Muir
  • Research centre: University of New South Wales
  • Project number: 71180