AHURI Research Projects

A diverse range of research projects

Smaller research projects, including data projects, to ensure a focus on a variety of policy issues. Research topics have been developed through extensive cross-sector consultation and respond rapidly to policy community considerations and issues in public discourse.

Ageing well in public housing

AHURI Research Project

The challenges and possibilities for State governments in supporting older tenants in public housing.

Demand side assistance in Australia's rental housing market

AHURI Research Project

The options for downsizing at both the household level and for the broader housing market.

Evaluation and learning in public housing urban renewal

AHURI Research Project

How has estate renewal has affected social, economic, and housing market indicators?

Home ownership decline: unpacking its impact and implications

AHURI Research Project

What is the extent and impact of home ownership decline in Australia?

Housing and housing assistance pathways with companion animals

AHURI Research Project

Examining the policy treatment of companion animals, both as pets and assistance animals across housing tenures and sectors.

Impacts of new and emerging Assistive Technologies for ageing and disabled housing

AHURI Research Project

The implications of new and emerging Assistive Technologies (AT) for older people and those living with a disability.

Improving outcomes for apartment residents and neighbourhoods

AHURI Research Project

The design, delivery and management of apartments and higher-density neighbourhoods to improve outcomes for lower-income apartment residents.

Public housing as a social landlord: challenges and solutions

AHURI Research Project

Complex tenancy management and support challenges for social landlords.

The uneven distribution of housing supply, 2006–16

AHURI Research Project

The distribution of new housing supply between 2006 and 2016.

Urban Indigenous homelessness

AHURI Research Project

The policy, practice and service delivery in relation to Indigenous homelessness in urban settings in Australia and Canada.

Using real-time data to understand housing insecurity

AHURI Research Project

Analysing the DSS DOMINO dataset for real-time risk-insight into Commonwealth Rental Assistance recipients.

What works to sustain Indigenous Tenancies in Australia

AHURI Research Project

Aiming to understand sustainable tenancies and successful housing outcomes for Indigenous Australians.