Increasing affordable housing supply: evidence-based principles and strategies for Australian policy and practice

How have governments sought to increase the supply of affordable housing across the continuum of housing needs; and what are the implications for government policy and practice in different jurisdictions and market contexts?

This AHURI Inquiry examines efforts to increase affordable housing supply, focusing on government-industry partnerships, planning levers and 'best practice' housing projects. Informed by international and local practice, it identifies principles and policy options for different market contexts and will develop a model for estimating affordability outcomes for various policy scenarios in different market contexts.

The final report and the four supporting research projects for this Inquiry are now complete.

You can download the completed final report.

You can view details of the supporting research projects and download the completed reports below.

  • Paul McBride, Department of Social Services, Australian Government
  • Caryn Kakas, Family and Community Services, NSW Government
  • Scott Langford, SGCH Group
  • Mike Scott, Development Consultant
  • Marion Thompson, Department of Planning, WA Government
  • David Tow, Urban Growth NSW
  • Julian Wright, Housing Authority WA
Government led innovations in affordable housing delivery

This supporting research project will examine how governments have catalysed market activity to deliver affordable housing and generated industry innovation through investment, partnerships, institutional support, financial products and tenure arrangements. Using systematic reviews of specific policy strategies and organisations, the project will identify key factors that drive affordable housing delivery.

Led by: Steven Rowley
Project status: Complete, download the report.

Paying for affordable housing in different market contexts
This project will investigate the financial parameters and affordability outcomes of selected 'best practice' new housing projects. The collected evidence will be used to develop an affordable housing model that is capable of estimating affordability outcomes for given policy scenarios in different market contexts.

Led by: Bill Randolph
Project status: Complete, download the report.

Supporting affordable housing supply: inclusionary planning in new and renewing communities
This project examines established Australian and international practice in delivering affordable housing supply through the planning system. Using case studies and primary evidence of outcomes over time, the project distils principles for designing inclusionary planning models that enable and increase affordable supply under different policy and market scenarios and cycles.

Led by: Nicole Gurran
Project status: Complete, download the report.

Inquiry into increasing affordable housing supply: Evidence-based principles and strategies for Australian Policy and Practice

This study examined the range of strategies and initiatives governments have used to leverage affordable housing supply across the continuum of housing needs (i.e. from social housing to affordable rental and home ownership) in a constrained funding and increasingly market driven context across a range of different jurisdictions and markets.

Led by: Nicole Gurran
Project status: Complete, download the report.