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Problems young Aussies face for home ownership


15 Aug 2019

News.com.au journalist Stephanie Bedo writes on the housing aspirations of young Australians.

The edges of home ownership are becoming porous

The Conversation

15 Jul 2019

AHURI Researcher Rachel Ong ViforJ writes on housing tenure in Australia for the 2019 Australian Conference of Economists.

Homelessness soars in our biggest cities, driven by rising inequality since 2001

The Conversation

30 May 2019

AHURI researchers Sharon Parkinson, Deb Batterham and Margaret Reynolds write on the homelessness crisis.

Brisbane's homeless people forced to the suburbs, report shows

Brisbane Times

30 May 2019

Lucy Stone writes on the AHURI research which shows areas north and south of Brisbane with high rates of homelessness compared to population growth.

Great opportunity - and uncertainty - over emerging SDA housing sector

Australian Financial Review

21 Mar 2019

Senior Reporter for the Australian Financial Review, Michael Bleby, writes on AHURI research into Specialist Disability Accommodation funding.

Build social and affordable housing to get us off the boom-and-bust roller coaster

The Conversation

15 Mar 2019

AHURI researchers Laurence Troy, Bill Randolph and Ryan van den Nouwelant write for The Conversation on why it's time to set the dynamics of the housing system on a more affordable track.

Australia will need 1 million more social, affordable homes by 2036

Australian Financial Review

13 Mar 2019

AHURI researcher Laurence Troy talks with the AFR on Australia's social and affordable housing deficit.

Why falling house prices do less to improve affordability than you might think

The Conversation

20 Feb 2019

AHURI researcher Chris Leishman writes for The Conversation on why falling house prices is no help to aspiring home owners.

Is social housing essential infrastructure? How we think about it does matter

The Conversation

6 Jan 2019

In The Conversation, AHURI researchers write on the need to change how we think about social housing.

Lumping social housing with build-to-rent projects will stunt the sector

Australian Financial Review

4 Jan 2019

The Australian Financial Review highlighted the role of AHURI Research into social mix in the development of housing policy for the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Labor promises a $6.6 billion housing boom to bring down rents

Brisbane Times

15 Dec 2018

Laurence Troy discusses Australia's shortfall of social housing, based on findings from Social housing as infrastructure: an investment pathway.

Australia’s facing a serious affordable housing shortfall


15 Nov 2018

AHURI researcher Laurence Troy discusses the research findings in Social housing as infrastructure: an investment pathway.

Airbnb exasperating rental affordability in some Australian suburbs, report says

ABC Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly

8 Nov 2018

AHURI researcher Laura Crommelin reports on the findings published in the AHURI report, Technological disruption in private housing markets: the case of Airbnb.

More than a quarter of all Australian households are renting


9 Sep 2018

Journalist Michelle Hele reports on the changing private rental market, based on findings in AHURI report, The future of the private rental sector.

What a typical Sydney landlord looks like


18 Aug 2018

Journalist Jonathan Chancellor writes on the average Sydney landlord according to final report, The future of the private rental sector.

Without a Home — an expert's perspective

RMIT ABC Fact Check

9 Aug 2018

International keynote speaker Juha Kaakinen speaks from the National Homelessness Conference.

New research shows what Victorians really think about the homeless


8 Aug 2018

Minister Martin Foley launched the results of a survey to gauge public perceptions of homelessness at the National Homelessness Conference.

Australia faces worsening housing and homelessness crisis

New Daily

6 Aug 2018

The New Daily's Isabelle Lane covers the plenary session "National responses to homelessness" at the National Homelessness Conference 2018.

Ending homelessness: Can Melbourne learn from Finland?

ABC Radio Melbourne

6 Aug 2018

Y-Foundation Finland CEO Juha Kaakinen chats to radio presenter Virginia Trioli about the National Homelessness Conference and the Housing First Model in Finland.

Poor philosophy at root of housing crisis

The Australian

6 Aug 2018

Journalist Caroline Berdon reports on Jenny Smith and Juha Kaakinen's comments at the National Homelessness Conference.

More than 2 million Australian households now private renters: AHURI report


2 Aug 2018

Journalist Tawar Razaghi speaks to Dr Sharon Parkinson and Dr Chris Martin on their research intothe future of the private rental sector.

A lucky break for home buyers

The Australian

13 Jul 2018

Wealth Editor James Kirby mentions AHURI research on housing tax reform in an article about first home buyers.

How to fix Australia's broken property market


8 Jul 2018

Senior economics writer Jessica Irvine discusses AHURI research on housing tax reform.

'Failing' affordable housing system 'requires decisive federal leadership'

The Guardian

29 May 2018

Journalist Naaman Zhou reports on Nicole Gurran's research into Australia's affordable housing system.

Effective ACT housing model examined as part of national housing affordability report


29 May 2018

Journalist Lucy Bladen reports on Nicole Gurran's research into Australia's affordable housing system and AHURI's Ready for growth: Affordable housing supply solutions conference in Canberra.

A third of Aussies retiring with two homes, says AHURI report


10 May 2018

Journalist Sophie Foster discusses AHURI research led by Stephen Whelan on the impact of Australia's tax and transfer system on retirement choices.

Falling home ownership should prompt tax rethink: AHURI

Australian Financial Review

10 May 2018

Journalist Michael Bleby reports on an AHURI report led by Stephen Whelan on retirement portfolio choices.

How Sydney's building boom bypassed affordable housing

Sydney Morning Herald

11 Apr 2018

Journalist Jacob Saulwick speaks with AHURI researcher Nicole Gurran on affordable housing supply.

AHURI backs incentives for affordable homes

The Australian

11 Apr 2018

Journalist Elizabeth Redman writes on AHURI's latest report on affordable housing supply.

Housing incentives fail to ease Sydney's affordability crisis

The Guardian

10 Apr 2018

AHURI researcher Nicole Gurran discusses affordable housing supply.

Renters no longer 'second rate', says Housing and Urban Research Institute

Australian Financial Review

4 Apr 2018

AFR journalist Michael Bleby writes on the private rental sector.

Affordable housing policy failure still being fuelled by flawed analysis

The Conversation

14 Mar 2018

AHURI researchers explain why housing policy needs to direct housing supply to lower-income Australians.

Deny the rich negative gearing benefits to save big bucks: think tank

Australian Financial Review

6 Mar 2018

AFR journalist Joanna Mather highlights the AHURI research into changes to the negative gearing regime.

Six lessons on how to make affordable housing funding work across Australia

The Conversation

14 Feb 2018

AHURI researcher Laurence Troy discusses research into affordable housing developments.

Affordable Housing Framework is Inadequate, Researchers Warn

Pro Bono Australia

14 Feb 2018

AHURI researcher Laurence Troy discusses research into affordable housing developments.

Affordable housing projects across Australia stifled by patchwork funding: AHURI


14 Feb 2018

AHURI researchers Bill Randolph and Laurence Troy discuss research into affordable housing developments.

Negative gearing alone not to blame for poor housing affordability, AHURI says

Australian Financial Review

24 Jan 2018

AHURI researcher Chris Martin discusses research into private rental housing.

What Australia can learn from overseas about the future of rental housing

The Conversation

24 Jan 2018

AHURI researcher Chris Martin discusses research into private rental housing.

Melbourne parents fear rising prices, buy pre-teen kids their own apartments

News.com.au / Herald Sun

16 Dec 2017

AHURI researcher Stephen Whelan discusses research into intergenerational transfers.

Why some parents are giving their kids up to $75,000

SBS Insight

12 Dec 2017

SBS Insight features AHURI research into intergenerational wealth transfers.

Changing stamp duty to a broad based land tax

2UE Talking Lifestyle

11 Dec 2017

AHURI researcher Richard Eccleston discusses research into state property tax reform.

Real estate: Australia's property market is riskier than Canada's, here's why

ABC News

11 Dec 2017

Evan Siddall and AHURI Executive Director Dr Ian Winter discuss issues raised at the National Housing Conference 2017.

In search of a national housing strategy

Inside Story

6 Dec 2017

Journalist Peter Mares discusses a range of issues raised at the National Housing Conference, 2017.

Government guarantee opens investment highway to affordable housing

The Conversation

5 Dec 2017

AHURI researchers discuss the announcement by Hon Michael Sukkar MP at the National Housing Conference on 1 Dec 2017.

Experts predict build-to-rent revolution coming to Australia


5 Dec 2017

Journalist Sue Williams writes about the Build To Rent panel discussion at the National Housing Conference on 30 Nov 2017.

New National Cities Performance Dashboard to show 14 per cent of Sydney households in rent stress


1 Dec 2017

National Housing Conference panellists Hon Angus Taylor MP and Lord Mayor Clover Moore discuss City Deals and affordable housing.

Darwin to host the 20th Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, National Housing Conference

Northern Territory Government

1 Dec 2017

Minster for Housing and Community Development, Gerry McCarthy

Shift from transfer duties to broad property tax key to fairer system: expert

The World Today - ABC Radio

30 Nov 2017

AHURI researcher Professor Richard Eccleston discusses the report: Pathways to state property tax reform.

October housing approvals increase: townhouses, detached homes do the work

Australian Financial Review

30 Nov 2017

Journalist Michael Bleby writes on AHURI board member Adrian Harrington's comments at the National Housing Conference on 30 Nov 2017.

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute pitches affordable housing plan

Launceston Examiner

30 Nov 2017

AHURI researcher Professor Richard Eccleston discusses the report: Pathways to state property tax reform.

Performance Dashboard: Western Sydney suffers worst mortgage stress

Australian Financial Review

30 Nov 2017

Journalists Michael Bleby and Matthew Cranston write on the role of Hon Angus Taylor MP at the National Housing Conference on 1 Dec 2017.

How to abolish stamp duties and make housing more affordable: AHURI

Australian Financial Review

30 Nov 2017

Journalist Joanna Mather writes on AHURI research Pathways to Housing Tax Reform.

The market alone will never deliver affordable housing: expert

PM with Dominique Schwartz - ABC Radio

29 Nov 2017

National Housing Conference speaker Oona Goldsworthy discusses housing affordability,

Social impact investments could hold solution to affordable housing, report finds

The Canberra Times

13 Aug 2017

AHURI Researcher Kristy Muir discusses the latest research on solutions to the supply of affordable housing: The opportunities, risks and possibilities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness.

Funding gap: 1.3-million households need help for affordable housing, Ahuri says

Australian Financial Review

2 Aug 2017

Journalist Michael Bleby highlights research into Modelling housing need in Australia to 2025.

Who’s responsible? Housing policy mismatched to our $6 trillion asset

The Conversation

23 Jun 2017

AHURI researchers Jago Dodson, Sarah Sinclair and Tony Dalton write on Housing, multi-level governance and economic productivity.

Home owners: you're not as rich as you think you are

Fairfax Media

14 Jun 2017

Journalist Clancy Yeates writes on AHURI research into the impacts of house prices on consumer confidence.

Housing induced risk to economy as household indebtedness rises

The Courier Mail

8 Jun 2017

Journalist Sophie Foster discusses AHURI research into house-price induced debt and its economic impacts.

Property investors drunk on house price 'wealth effect' report warns

Australian Financial Review

8 Jun 2017

AHURI research points to consumer risks associated with household debt in an environment of rising house prices.

Housing shortage not always to blame for soaring property prices, report suggests

ABC News

18 May 2017

Professor Rachel Ong discusses the supply of affordable housing options in Australia's capital cities.

Get used to your commute: data confirms houses near jobs are too expensive

The Conversation

18 May 2017

AHURI Researchers write on the significance of location for affordable housing in an analysis of housing supply patterns.

Bond aggregator helps build a more virtuous circle of housing investment

The Conversation

10 May 2017

Associate Professor Julie Lawson discusses the impact of the bond aggregation budget measures on the affordable housing industry.

Professor Hal Pawson talks housing affordability

Sky News Real Estate

6 May 2017

Professor Hal Pawson interviewed on housing affordability.

Homelessness body warns of 'disaster' if Morrison scraps housing agreement

The Guardian

28 Apr 2017

Journalist Calla Wahlquist writes on AHURI research into homelessness service funding including an interview with AHURI researcher Paul Flautau.

Fund to end homelessness

ABC Radio The World Today

28 Apr 2017

Professor Paul Flatau discusses research into homelessness funding with Stephanie Corsetti from ABC Radio.

Homelessness funding increase needed to meet Australian demand

The Advocate

28 Apr 2017

Associate Professor Daphne Habibis discusses funding for homelessness services.

Affordable Housing Industry Has Capacity But Lacks Government Certainty

Pro Bono Australia

20 Apr 2017

Professor Hal Pawson discusses affordable housing capacity with journalist Lina Caneva.

Affordable housing providers ‘not being used to their full capacity’, report says

The Domain

20 Apr 2017

Journalist Sue Williams discusses affordable housing with Professor Hal Pawson.

Superannuation proposal for first home buyers

ABC TV 7.30 with Leigh Sales

10 Apr 2017

Leigh Sales introduces a segment including part of The Hon Scott Morrison MP's AHURI address.

Councils and community organisations call from more community housing

ABC TV 7.30 with Leigh Sales

10 Apr 2017

Professor Nicole Gurran discusses housing affordability with ABC reporter Julia Holman.

Not everyone wins from the bank of mum and dad

The Conversation

15 Mar 2017

AHURI researchers Rachel Ong, Gavin Wood and Melek Cigdem write on the topic of AHURI research into the channels from housing to employment decisions.

Interview: examining the bond aggregator model

ABC TV News 24

10 Mar 2017

ABC TV News 24 interviews AHURI researcher Carrie Hamilton on the topic of AHURI research into bond aggregation options for housing affordability.

Millennials need the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ for more than just housing


2 Mar 2017

AHURI Researcher Gavin Wood discusses the impact of intergenerational transfer of housing wealth on quality of life between generations.

Bank of mum and dad: Parents' property key to children's wealth

ABC News Online

2 Mar 2017

AHURI Researcher Gavin Wood discusses the impact of intergenerational transfer of housing wealth on the housing market.

Housing affordability problems might not be all bad

The Conversation

14 Feb 2017

AHURI Researcher Emma Baker writes on housing affordability and housing policy.

‘Reality Check’ on Alternative Funding for Homelessness – Report

Pro Bono Australia

14 Feb 2017

AHURI Researcher David MacKenzie discusses the potential of alternative sources of funding for the delivery of homelessness services.

Sensible reform to finance affordable housing deserves cross-party support

The Conversation

2 Feb 2017

AHURI Researcher Julie Lawson discusses financial models for delivering new affordable housing.

Andrea Sharam to research “Uberisation” of housing at new RMIT gig

The Fifth Estate

25 Jan 2017

AHURI Researcher Andrea Sharam discusses new research into “uberisation” of housing.

If you’re serious about affordable Sydney housing, Premier, here’s a must-do list

The Conversation

24 Jan 2017

AHURI researcher Hal Pawson outlines a range of policy options for improving housing affordability.

How do housing and labour market affect homeless entry and exits

RMIT Centre for Urban Research

22 Jan 2017

AHURI Researcher Gavin Wood writes on the effects of housing and labour markets on homelessness.

Indigenous homeless hit hardest by funding uncertainty

Pro Bono Australia

24 Jan 2017

AHURI Researcher, Angela Spinney, discusses the recent AHURI Research report Safe and sound? How funding mix affects homelessness support for Indigenous Australians.

Unaffordable housing sending workers packing


20 Jan 2017

AHURI Researcher, Hal Pawson, talks with 7News about housing affordability

2016 Media

AHURI in the media 2016

Discover the AHURI media coverage of 2016

December 2015

Mon 7 Dec 2015 | Parents' $5000 gift opens door to the great Australian dream — Fairfax Media
Matt Wade discusses AHURI research on intergenerational wealth transfers

Tue 1 Dec 2015 | Logan project targets children in plan to break cycle of disadvantage — ABC Radio National
Background Briefing discusses pockets of social disadvantage in Logan, Queensland

November 2015

Wed 25 Nov 2015 | Report reveals Australian suburbs where renters are most under housing stress — News Limited
Benedict Brook quotes Dr Ian Winter, AHURI Executive Director at the National Housing Conference

Tue 17 Nov 2015 | Downsizers seeking a change of lifestyle look to buy apartments — Fairfax Media Limited
Joanne Brookfield writes about AHURI's research into housing mobility for over 50s

Sun 15 Nov 2015 | Meet the Sydneysiders who want to rent forever — Fairfax Media Limited
AHURI Researcher, Steven Rowley talks with Fairfax Media about the attraction of renting for the younger generation

Mon 2 Nov 2015 | Stamp duty reform the solution to ageing in place — Fairfax Media Limited
AHURI Researcher, Steven Rowley writes about stamp duty reform

October 2015

Thu 29 Oct 2015 | The World Today on the National Housing Conference — ABC Radio Current Affairs
The World Today features a segment on the National Housing Conference

Wed 28 Oct 2015 | 774 ABC Melbourne interviews Ian Winter
AHURI Executive Director, Ian Winter talks with 774 ABC Melbourne about the National Housing Conference 2015

Wed 28 Oct 2015 | ABC News on the National Housing Conference — ABC TV
ABC News, Perth features the National Housing Conference held in Perth 28 - 30 October 2015

Wed 28 Oct 2015 | Private sector investment needed to fix social housing decline — Australian Financial Review
Larry Schlesinger writes about housing stock transfer in relation to the National Housing Conference 2015

Thu 22 Oct 2015 | Sydney’s slowing property market must not stall affordability reform — Fairfax Media Limited
AHURI Researcher Steven Rowley talks with Jennifer Duke about property demand restrictions

Wed 21 Oct 2015 | What the Big End knows about housing that mums and dads don't — Fairfax Media Limited
Michael Pascoe writes about affordable rental housing supply

Tue 20 Oct 2015 | Meet the home owners going back to renting — Fairfax Media Limited
AHURI researcher Gavin Wood speaks with Fairfax about the home ownership exit rate

Wed 14 Oct 2015 | Public housing shortage can be solved with private investment — Fairfax Media Limited
NHC 2015 speaker Robert Pradolin writes on the growing housing crisis in Australia

Thu 8 Oct 2015 | Housing rental costs continue to rise nationally — SBS World News Radio
AHURI researcher Hal Pawson talks with SBS World News Radio about Australian rental prices