AHURI introduces the Policy Evidence Summary

New summaries synthesise the latest research findings and policy options

6 Feb 2018

AHURI is pleased to announce the publication of the Policy Evidence Summary series—a new short form, easy to read summary of newly released AHURI research.

These clear language summaries will distil the essential information and findings from AHURI research reports and present them in an accessible and abbreviated format, using infographics, tables and graphs to articulate important findings. The summaries will be of benefit for practitioners and policymakers who rely on AHURI research and will be a useful companion to the Final Report series.

‘We’re very pleased to further the distribution and effectiveness of AHURI research, and to continue to help our partners in Government and the policy and practice communities to better understand and engage with AHURI research,’ said Dr Michael Fotheringham, Executive Director of AHURI.

The first Policy Evidence Summary is available for AHURI Final Report 292: The changing institutions of private rental housing: an international review.

The Policy Evidence Summary for each new AHURI research report will be available for download on the AHURI website.