National Housing Conference 2017 - audio

Conference audio by session

Sydney International Convention Centre, Australia

29 Nov - 1 Dec 2017

Audio is available on this page for all the National Housing Conference 2017 sessions not held in the Pyrmont Theatre.

Recordings and presentation slides by speaker are available on the NHC site.

Video of the sessions held in the Pyrmont Theatre is now available.

MAJ2: State of housing policy and the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement

MAJ3: Ready for growth Building Australia affordable housing industry

MAJ4: Closing the indigenous housing gap

MAJ5: Delivering social outcomes moving from policy to practice

MIN1: Collaboration culture and community leading practice in homelessness

MIN2: Practice design and technology solutions for people with disabilities

MIN3: Digital technology for tenants and the homeless

MIN4: Australia vs England tenant choice

MIN5: Re-imagining the private rental sector

MIN6: Scalpels and Sledgehammers breaking the tax deadlock

MIN7: Contemporary estate renewal practices

MIN8: The age-old problems in housing

MIN9: Respecting Indigenous culture and voice in the provision of housing

MIN10: Locally made: Affordable housing and local government

MIN11: Build to rent

MIN12: Social impact investment for housing and homelessness

MIN13: Leading practice in domestic and family violence protection

MIN14: Causes, preventions and solutions – housing for mental wellbeing

MIN15: As if social housing were infrastructure…

MIN16: The leading edge in Indigenous tenancy management

MIN17: A stocktake on transfers of public housing to new landlords

MIN18: Land use planning, value capture and density – the keys to affordable housing supply

SUN1: Innovative financing for affordable housing

SUN2: Energising low income housing – energy innovation in practice