Services we offer

Translating your problems into practical solutions

We provide custom-designed research services to clients from the not-for-profit, government and private sectors. We identify, analyse, evaluate your problem and assess the best method for solving it, within your defined time frame.

AHURI research model

Below are just some of the services we offer, or contact us to discuss a research solution tailored to your needs.

Policy development and practice change

Informing Australia's housing policy

Independent analysis of Australian and international evidence to inform and assist policy development for government, non-government and industry clients.

Reviewing the evidence

Analysing national and international evidence

Identifying, analysing and summarising national and international evidence and providing tangible and relevant findings to inform policy development and practice change.

Evidence building

Creating your evidence-base through primary research

We can offer a range of primary research services including qualitative and quantitative analysis, cost benefit analysis, financial and economic modelling, case studies, longitudinal studies, social impact studies, informant interviews, focus groups and more.

Evaluating policies and programs

Assessing the critical success of programs and policies

Assessing policies and programs for a range of clients and linking these evaluations to an independent analysis of national and international research evidence.

Facilitating workshops

Stakeholder and community workshops

Bringing the research, policy and practice communities together and facilitating productive meetings, workshops and consultations that engage all sectors with a view to achieving common objectives.

Developing resources

Designs, toolkits and manuals

Professional resources to support policy development.