Facilitating workshops

Stakeholder and community workshops

AHURI specialises in bringing the research, policy and practice communities together to facilitate productive meetings, workshops and consultations with a view to achieving common objectives. We engage stakeholders in candid and robust reflection on current policy and practice, analysis of the latest evidence and facilitate engagement between stakeholders to develop workable policy and practice solutions.

Our projects range from large-scale public consultations on legislation and regulation, to high-level consultations with steering committees and in-depth participatory workshops with local communities. We work with our clients to identify key stakeholder groups and establish appropriate engagement and consultation mechanisms, including for people with disability, Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and people in regional and remote areas. Our reports are balanced and sensitive, and we can produce documents to meet the needs of particular stakeholder groups.

Case study: Outreach support practice model development
Our client:Homeground Services
The issue:develop a ‘practice model’ that articulates the Outreach Support approach to assisting people and achieving positive results.
Our action:we convened and led a two-day workshop of expert Outreach Support practitioners to develop the practice model.
The outcome:the completed practice model explains the reasons behind the functions of the Outreach Support for new participants, and clarifies the principles which guide the practice’s activities and future development.
Case study: Queensland Housing Strategy
Our client:The Queensland Government Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW)
The issue:the Department is developing the Queensland Housing Strategy, which includes working towards a shared understanding amongst key stakeholders of the crucial issues facing Queensland housing policy and identification of priorities for future housing policy development.
Our action:AHURI undertook an extensive review of evidence on leading practices regarding sustainable communities, housing affordability and a responsive housing system. The findings from this review were the basis for a policy development workshop.
The outcome:the policy development workshop refined and prioritised policy and practice development options. It established agreed policy and practice directions with senior members of the policy community and stakeholders.