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Informing Australia's housing policy

AHURI are experts in evidence-informed policy development with a clear understanding of current housing and homelessness policy settings across Australia. We provide independent examination of current policy settings and analyse latest Australian and international evidence on housing and urban policy in action. We identify and assess barriers and opportunities, and bring together the key stakeholders to inform and assist policy development for government, non-government and industry clients.

With a proven track record of providing independent, trusted strategy development for a range of senior government clients across Australia, AHURI can help you develop your future strategic direction.

Case study: Effectiveness of the homelessness services system
Our client:Federal, State and Territory Housing Ministers
The issue:

Federal, State and Territory Housing Ministers commissioned AHURI to prepare a report on future funding options for homelessness beyond June 2017.

Our action:AHURI gathered and evaluated the evidence on the effectiveness of the specialist homelessness service system, drawing on national and international evidence including peer reviewed academic papers, government reports and grey literature.
The outcome:

AHURI’s report led to high level government policy reform. Informed by the findings, the Ministers agreed that funding certainty for homelessness beyond June 2017 was critical and noted the importance of an early decision on funding arrangements to ensure the continuity of homelessness services. Consequently, the Australian Government committed $117.2 million to fund a Transitional National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) to 30 June 2018. The Transitional NPAH will provide funding certainty for service providers while consideration is given to longer-term homelessness reforms.

Download:Effectiveness of the homelessness service system
Case study: Reforming ACT Housing and Homelessness Policy
Our client:ACT Government
The issue:to understand achievements in housing policy within the ACT and identify areas for future housing reform.
Our action:our solution included a series of three facilitated workshops with key stakeholders including elected government officials and senior public servants. Each workshop was grounded in an evidence base developed by AHURI specifically for that purpose and targeted to answer questions specific to the ACT context.
The outcome:the workshops, drawing on the evidence base, identified a number of priority options for housing policy reform which have been used by the ACT Government in the development of a future housing strategy.