Evaluating policies and programs

Assessing the critical success of programs

AHURI provides high quality, independent, robust assessments of the processes, outcomes and effectiveness of projects, programs and policies for governments, organisations and agencies. We link these evaluations to an independent analysis of national and international research evidence.

Evaluations are critical in assessing the success of program and policy implementation and in guiding decision making, continuous improvement and future strategic directions. AHURI works with you to tailor an evaluation for any stage of your program or project.

Case study: A new approach to delivering shared equity opportunities in WA
Our client:The WA Government Department of Housing
The issue:an evaluation of the shared equity Expression of Interest (EOI) initiative in Western Australia.
Our action:our report included two modules. The first module used desk-based research, a post-occupancy resident survey and interviews with residents and Department and industry stakeholders. The second module focused on the cost-benefits of the scheme and employed cost-benefit analysis and decision and financial modelling techniques.
The outcome:the report showed the shared equity EOI initiative was successful in meeting its intended outcomes, and also produced a range of positive social and economic returns for households, the government and the construction industry.
Case study: Early Review of the Specialist Homelessness Services Program
Our client:NSW Government Department of Family and Community Services
The issue:to understand how the homelessness service responses and system reforms are being implemented in NSW, and to identify what is and isn’t working well and where the Department and the homelessness sector can work together to improve services.
Our action:AHURI is undertaking a review of the program documentation and analysing policy context; collecting and analysing data on client, service provider and other stakeholder satisfaction; and conducting quantitative analysis of client outcomes.
The outcome:the review (ongoing) will deliver a detailed examination and evaluation of client and service system outcomes, and build a robust evidence base to inform future policy and operational decisions.