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Inquiry into housing in a circular economy

What support is needed to transition into a circular economy housing in Australia?

This project establishes an evidence base and framework to support a transition to circular economy housing in Australia. Informed by analysis of national and international data, industry and building site practice, and key informant sources, it interrogates four key housing issues; neighbourhood scale developments; apartments; retrofit, and building materials.

Lead Researcher: Professor Ralph Horne, RMIT University

Project Number: 53280

Supporting research projects

  • Sustainable housing at a neighbourhood scale

    This project aims to identify opportunities for a circular economy approach at neighbourhood scale, as a means to achieving a transition towards sustainable housing in urban infill and new-build development locations. The analysis will consider geographical variation and learn from European experiences in order to inform Australian policy-makers.

    Led by: Prof Stefanie Dühr, University of South Australia

  • Sustainable apartment housing: new build and retrofit

    This project examines finance, fiscal, regulatory and policy levers that can facilitate a transition towards the mainstream supply of sustainable apartments in Australia, by identifying processes specific to the supply of new apartments and retrofitting existing apartments that impede or promote sustainability (relating to financing, design and construction, and management).

    Led by: Associate Professor Hazel Easthope, UNSW Sydney

  • Sustainable social housing: solutions for large-scale retrofit

    This project investigates circular economy approaches to large-scale retrofits of social housing, and the implications for the broader housing and retrofit industry.

    Led by: Professor Emma Baker, The University of Adelaide

  • Building materials in a circular economy

    This project uses a circular economy framing to investigate use and waste in material supply chains to contribute knowledge so that the housing construction sector can reduce, reuse, recycle and recover resources and rely much less on virgin material use.

    Led by: Professor Tony Dalton, RMIT University