AHURI in the media

Notable AHURI media mentions from 2016

Queenslanders want to see a brighter housing future

Queensland Government Media Statement

22 Dec 2016

Minister de Brenni announced that key reforms from a new ten year housing strategy will be outlined at the Homeless and housing solutions conference in Brisbane on 31 March 2017.

Rental housing policies trap children in poverty, so how low will we go?

The Conversation

22 Dec 2016

AHURI researcher Associate Professor Wendy Stone writes for The Conversation on private rental tenancies. You can read the AHURI research report: Accessing and sustaining private rental tenancies.

Bond markets to help affordable housing crisis


15 Dec 2016

AHURI board member, Adrian Harrington, writes on bond aggregation. The bond aggregator model is the subject of an expert taskforce appointed by Federal, State and Territory Treasurers.

Neighbours’ fears about affordable housing

The Conversation

5 Dec 2016

AHURI researcher, Edgar Liu, discusses community opposition to proposals for affordable housing development

Sydney needs higher affordable housing targets

The Conversation

24 Nov 2016

AHURI researchers put forward the case for greater affordable housing targets in Sydney's new urban development

Community organisations lack the funding and data to measure their impact

The Conversation

7 Nov 2016

AHURI research finds that Government policy initiatives to reduce homelessness also reduce public health costs

Governments need to work together on housing challenges

Senator the Hon Zed Seselja, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs

19 Oct 2016

Senator Zed Seselja addresses the AHURI conference in Adelaide on October 19.

Ian Winter: Australia must take its responsibility to house our children more seriously

The Adelaide Advertiser

18 Oct 2016

AHURI Executive Director Dr Ian Winter discusses the plight of Australians seeking housing assistance.

The Price of Australia’s Real Estate Boom

The New York Times - The Opinion Pages

17 Oct 2016

AHURI researcher Peter Phibbs discusses the negative impacts of increasing house prices in Australia.

Productivity Commission stance has potential for social housing gains

The Conversation

27 Sep 2016

AHURI Researcher Hal Pawson examines the policy options for Australia’s social housing system in relation to a recent Productivity Commission report.

Keeping a roof over your debt

The Daily Telegraph

24 Sep 2016

Jonathan Chancellor uses AHURI Research (House prices, household debt and labour supply in Australia) to discuss home ownership and household debt.

By 2030, ‘no Australian child will be living in poverty’ – why can’t we promise that?

The Conversation

7 Sep 2016

AHURI Researchers discuss the role of housing policy in improving the life chances of Australian children.

Public Housing Could Save Health Millions – Homelessness Report

Pro Bono Australia

2 Aug 2016

AHURI researchers Professor Paul Flatau and Dr Lisa Wood discuss their work on homelessness.

Social housing is critical infrastructure

Australian Financial Review

10 Jul 2016

Robert Pradolin writes on the provision of affordable and social housing as critical infrastructure for the Australian economy.

What’s the key to home ownership for Gen Y?

The Conversation

23 Jun 2016

AHURI Researchers Steven Rowley, Amity James and Rachel Ong discuss the issue of home purchase affordability for Generation Y.

Generation Rent: never buying a property will mean saving more for retirement

Fairfax Media

21 May 2016

AHURI researcher Prof Terry Burke discusses private rental and long term housing.

Federal election 2016: Housing, healthcare and infrastructure among the big issues in NSW

ABC News

8 May 2016

AHURI Executive Director, Dr Ian Winter and AHURI researcher Prof Bill Randolph discuss housing affordability.

Should you rent or buy? Here’s the definitive answer

News Limited

2 May 2016

Professor Terry Burke, from the AHURI Research Centre at Swinburne University of Technology talks with journalist Emma Reynolds on the risks of renting.

Switching from stamp duty to land tax

The Conversation

20 Apr 2016

AHURI researchers Professor Gavin Wood and Professor Rachel Ong examine the option of switching from stamp duty to a broad based land tax. The article refers to AHURI research on housing affordability dynamics, and the impacts of the Henry Review on tax reform.

Buyers priced out of 75 per cent of Sydney: UNSW

Fairfax Media

26 Mar 2016

AHURI's Curtin Research Centre Director Steven Rowley said "Without some sort of intervention, the only way housing will become more affordable is a sustained drop in rents and prices allowing incomes to catch up".

How can Australia fix its housing affordability crisis?

ABC Radio National

24 Mar 2016

AHURI's UNSW Research Centre Director, Hal Pawson talks with ABC's Richard Aedy about home ownership.

New research reveals capital city rents are flat — and could even head down

News Limited

8 Mar 2016

Journalist Benedict Brook cites AHURI research into affordability stress in the housing rental market.

Comment: will house prices 'collapse' if negative gearing is changed?

SBS News

26 Feb 2016

AHURI researcher Gavin Wood comments on the potential impacts of Australian tax reform proposals on negative gearing.

Without a Home FactFile

ABC FactCheck

10 Feb 2016

The AHURI research project The structural drivers of homelessness in Australia 2001–11 formed the basis of this online interactive Fact File from ABC News.

Focus needs to be on helping tenants leave social housing: academic

Fairfax Media

25 Jan 2016

"In order to increase social housing you need to support existing tenants to exit the social housing system." Associate Professor Steven Rowley, AHURI’s Curtin Research Centre director on the need to support existing tenants to exit the social housing system.

Department of Housing has no plans to demolish Sin City complex in Gray

NT News

13 Jan 2016

"A Victorian paper presented by the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute stated that public housing populations were frequently characterised by factors 'strongly correlated' with crime and anti-social behaviour."

What Do Australians Fear about Density?

Sourceable news

8 Jan 2016

"In 2009-10, objections were lodged in respect of 26 per cent of all planning permit applications across Melbourne or 37 per cent of applications which were open to objection and appeal, according to an analysis by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute."