Melanie Anderson, University of New South Wales
Housing and it’s relationship to health for Aboriginal people in urban NSW

Tanya Babaeff, Curtin University
Participatory approaches to governance and community engagement for the creation of sustainable residential precincts

Annette Bardsley, The University of Adelaide
Demographic change, biodiversity conservation and bushfires: planning for sustainable futures within peri-urban regions of South Australia and Switzerland

Deb Batterham, Swinburne University
The importance of geographical mobility in understanding the possible housing and labour market drivers of homelessness in Australia

Rachel Bills, The University of Adelaide
Heating and cooling practices of older South Australians: implications for housing and energy policy

Mandy Brent-Houghton, Swinburne University
The housing disadvantage of women alone in older age: An enduring inequality

Katia Defendi, University of Western Australia
Dwelling, natural resources, and human health: through urban metabolism

Christine Eon, Curtin University
Bridging the gap between theoretical and actual operational performance of houses

Catherine Gilbert, University of Sydney
Planning reform and the supply of housing: claims, policy responses and evidence of impacts

Tamlin Gorter, University of Tasmania
The implications of housing risk for households with dependent children

Salvin Gounder, University of Tasmania
An exploration of the financial problems faced by state housing authorities in managing their stock and the strategies to address these problems, including stock transfer to the community-housing sector

Jemma Green, Curtin University
What are the challenges and synergies to delivering low cost and low carbon housing in Perth and how can this be mainstreamed?

Mike Harris, The University of Sydney
Authenticity in the Competitive City Precincts

Leanne Hodyl, RMIT University
Understanding the psychological and social impacts of high-rise apartment living

Martin Larbi, University of Adelaide
Green Urbanism: Towards an operational framework and application to cities

Armin Mehdipour, University of Adelaide
Achieving the sustainable development of brownfield sites

Johanna Mitchell, Curtin University
Exploring the potential role of government in the production of good quality diverse and affordable urban housing in Australia

Jasmine Palmer, The University of Adelaide
Consolidating the Australian Dream - reconfiguring the multi-unit housing network

Francesca Perugia, University of Western Australia
Design matters: Targeting appropriate design in affordable housing for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse migrant groups

Fiona Proudfoot, University of Tasmania
The experiences of social housing practitioners providing tenancy management services to Aboriginal tenants

Christian Roggenbuck, RMIT University
Community as ‘learnt capacity’ amongst residents with culturally diverse backgrounds in Masterplanned Estates

Paul Stolz, Swinburne University
An investigation of overcrowding as a ‘risk of homelessness’ or a ‘form of homelessness’

Elizabeth Whittaker, University of New South Wales
The association between homelessness and substance use in two Housing First programs in Sydney

Laura Wynne, University of Tasmania
Understanding the potential for new affordable housing models to reduce social exclusion and stigmatisation for tenants

Gina Zappia, University of Tasmania
They don’t talk to renters’ … Women renters’ experiences of power and agency