Social and affordable housing

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought attention onto the chronic shortage of social housing in Australia. Construction of social housing has been widely recognised as an important tool in rebuilding economic activity.

AHURI Research

After the pandemic, can building homes rebuild Australia?
Led by Professor Steven Rowley at Curtin University

The housing industry has been widely promoted as an ideal mechanism for delivering economic stimulus in periods of economic crisis but what policies are most effective in utilising the industry, does the industry actually have the capacity to respond and what form should this response take?

Research in progress

Housing affordability stress during COVID-19
Led by Professor Ralph Horne, RMIT University

This project will take a longitudinal qualitative approach to examine differential impacts of COVID-19 for those in housing affordability stress across tenures, housing types and household composition. It will leverage two current ARC grants with recent data to investigate the impacts of COVID-19 on material configurations, health and well-being.

Research in progress

AHURI Briefs and News

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22 Jul 2020

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6 May 2020

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