Current postgraduate scholars

Housing Postgraduate Scholarship Top-up recipients

The following postgraduate scholars have been awarded Housing Postgraduate Scholarship Top-ups to assist in their housing and urban research. Top-ups are only available to students of AHURI's National Housing Research Program partner universities. If you would like to apply, the Top-up guidelines and application form are available here.

Tanya Babaeff, Curtin University
Community participation in the co-creation of innovative residential precincts

Anthony Broese van Groenou, University of Tasmania
Household Energy transition in Tasmania

Christopher Batt, University of Tasmania
What is Australian housing policy?

Fadzai Chikwava, Curtin University
Resilience, Mental health, Wellbeing and Homelessness of Young People Transitioning from Out-of-Home Care

Liam Davies, RMIT University
The State, markets, and the state of housing market: A case study of housing affordability in Victoria

Katia Defendi, University of Western Australia
Dwelling, natural resources, and human health: through urban metabolism

Tanya Ekanayake, University of Tasmania
Place making for Aboriginal communities (Masters)

Sukanya Rupa Ganguli, University of New South Wales
An institutional analysis of high density housing production

Alexandra Gower, RMIT University
Evaluating design quality assessment of apartments for policy and practice

Paula Hansen, Curtin University
Governing shared solar storage innovations: Towards a better understanding of complex socio-technical resource systems

Laura Hodgson, University of South Australia
The impact of Airbnb on New South Wales housing markets

Ella Horton, University of Tasmania
Place Based Initiatives as a Policy Response to Housing Inequality and Social Marginalisation: A case study of the Social Impact Programs in the neighbourhood of Bridgewater/Gagebrook, Tasmania

Alhassan Ibrahim, University of South Australia
Green infrastructure for decentralized flood management: re-conceptualizing rainwater as a resource

Alexandra Kleeman, RMIT University
Neighbouring behaviour and loneliness in apartment buildings: the impact of communal areas

Martin Larbi, University of Adelaide
Green Urbanism: Towards an operational framework and application to cities

Susan McCallum, RMIT University
Settling in and making home: understanding early tenancy loss among chronically disadvantaged single adults in social housing

Rachel Maguire, Swinburne University of Technology
The right to resist: theorising resident opposition to the Public Housing Renewal Program in Melbourne, Australia

Armin Mehdipour, University of Adelaide
Achieving the Sustainable Development of Brownfield Sites; an Application to the Iranian Context

Johanna Mitchell, Curtin University
Exploring innovative public land andfinance arrangements that have promise for increasing the supply of affordable, urban housing in Australia.

Sara Mirhadi, University of South Australia
Place Attachment in Transition; A Critical Evaluation of Design Elements and Human Perceptions of Migrants' Houses in Australia

Christopher Phelps, Curtin University
Heterogeneous Patterns of Dwelling Price Growth across Neighbourhoods with Australian Cities

Melissa Pineda Pinto, Swinburne University of Technology
Designing Ecologically Just Cities by Effectively Enhancing Green Infrastructure's Multifuntionality

Jessica Porter, University of South Australia
Local Government and affordable housing provision in Australian regional cities

Philip Soos, Swinburne University of Technology
Control Fraud and Risk in the Australian Housing and Mortgage markets

Paul Stolz, Swinburne University of Technology
Crowding, Risk and Homelessness:  A Study of Socio-Spatial Relations

Julianna Walton, University of Sydney
Disconnectivity: transport infrastructure assessment and the integration of transport and land use planning

Laura Wynne, University of Tasmania
We need to fight before the bulldozers turn up: Resisting public housing renewal in inner-city Sydney