AHURI research features at the Australasian Housing Researchers Conference

Conference supports debate on national research priorities

23 Feb 2017

Researchers from across the AHURI network have presented findings from a number of AHURI Inquiries at the 2017 Australasian Housing Researchers Conference held in Melbourne.

The researchers included Gavin Wood (RMIT University & Curtin University), Hal Pawson (University of New South Wales), Rachel Ong (Curtin University) and Keith Jacobs (University of Tasmania). In addition, Daphne Habibis (University of Tasmania), who won the Mike Berry Award for Excellence in Housing Research, presented findings from a research project examining housing reforms in remote Indigenous communities.

Such robust discussions are vital for a healthy and truly relevant research agenda at AHURI.

‘Responses to the work of researchers from the AHURI network who presented at the 2017 Conference has been very strong,’ says Dr Ian Winter, Executive Director of AHURI. ‘The presentations gave audience members a chance to actively engage with the research, to interrogate the data and to debate with the researchers about what the findings might mean. Such robust discussions are vital for a healthy and truly relevant research agenda at AHURI.’

The presentation topics based on AHURI research were:

  • How do housing and labour market affect homeless entry and exits?
  • Building Australia's affordable housing industry: Capacity challenges and capacity-enhancing strategies
  • Examining housing reforms on remote Indigenous communities
  • The drivers of housing supply responsiveness in Australia
  • The risks of relying on competition and choice as a rationale for housing reform.

A number of these research projects have contributed to AHURI Inquiries currently underway, which are examining a range of national reform priorities in housing, homelessness and urban policy.