AHURI Inquiry brings renewed media attention to affordable housing supply

Inquiry findings prompt widespread media coverage and discussion

16 April 2018

The AHURI Inquiry into ‘Increasing affordable housing supply’ has stimulated discussion in both Australian and International media about Australia's policy options for supplying affordable housing.

In the last few months, as reports from the AHURI Inquiry have been published, key Australian media such as The Australian, ABC, SBS, and Fairfax have featured stories highlighting research findings.

In addition, The Guardian, as part of a special ‘Australian Cities Week’ highlighted the latest AHURI report examining how land use planning mechanisms, such as inclusionary zoning, support the supply of affordable housing in the UK and USA, and how they may help in Australia.

This report has prompted statements from a number of peak bodies including the Property Council of Australia and Planning Institute of Australia.

The research reports of the Inquiry are available at https://www.ahuri.edu.au/research/research-in-progress/inquiry-73130

The final report from the Inquiry will be released at the upcoming AHURI Canberra conference ‘Ready for growth: Affordable housing supply solutions’, which will examine affordable housing supply from all angles including

  • What government policies have already worked in Australia and are they replicable?
  • How have the US and UK used the planning system to build more affordable housing and can Australia do the same?
  • What models have worked to best to engage the private sector deliver more affordable housing projects?

The Conference will take place from on Tuesday 29 May 2018 at the Canberra Rex Hotel. Further information and registration is available via the AHURI website.