AHURI releases 2017–18 Policy Impact Statement 

Measuring AHURI's impact on national policy development

23 October 2018

AHURI is pleased to release its annual Policy Impact Statement for 2017–18. The Statement outlines AHURI’s impact on national policy development for housing, homelessness and related urban issues.

AHURI continues to be an authoritative source of research, news and policy analysis for those working in the housing, urban and not-for-profit sectors. The Statement highlights that, in 2017-18 the AHURI and NHC websites received nearly half a million visits—a 29% percent increase from the previous financial year.

During the financial year, AHURI published 15 peer-reviewed research reports, including four Evidence-Based Policy Inquiries. AHURI’s research reports were viewed over 88,000 times and were cited 193 times in 34 key policy documents by organisations such as the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Productivity Commission and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

AHURI research generated widespread media discussion, featuring in stories from major media outlets over 280 times.

The Statement also outlines the successes of the 2017 National Housing Conference—the largest conference in nearly 10 years, which saw 1148 delegates and 180 speakers exploring key issues in 35 conference sessions.

The 2017–18 Policy Impact Statement is available for download.